Fixed mobile convergence ( Follow me)

Under this service a NGN user can transfer his incoming calls to any of up to 8 numbers of BSNL telephony (fixed or Mobile). This service will help the customer not to lose or miss any incoming call on his fixed telephone customer has to pay only fixed charges to avail this facility.

FMC (Fixed Mobile Convergence) tariff  (under Post Paid Scenario) –

Promotional Tariff plan for fixed mobile convergence (FMC) service in case of intra circle:-
Number of members in FMC
Intra Circle Monthly charges (in Rs.)
upto 3 Nil
4 to 6
7 to 9

i. The master billing number must be NGN IMS number. Billing will be done on this master number only.
ii. As part of this service customer can register up to 9 other BSNL numbers (combination of GSM+IMS PSTN only) including IMS master landline.
iii. This service is applicable for BSNL customer only.
iv. FMC works in within same circle only.
v. FMC is not available while roaming.
vi. No separate security deposit is required for this service.
vii. It will be responsibility of applicant to ensure FMC group numbers provided are either of his/her own or friends/family after consent from them.

The tariff order will be applicable for 90 days with effect from 10th October, 2016